Tumur.B (Alex)
  • Android Developer
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA


This is an fully responsive resume website with PHP and MySQL backend which will connect people with me and my portfolio.

Technologies | May, 2018
HTML, CSS, Boostrap, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax
Portfolio Android App

This is an native Android app with PHP and MySQL backend which shows information about my self and experience, education portfolio, skills, etc.

Technologies | May, 2018
Java, XML, SQL, Firebase, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, Material Design, PHP, MySQL, JSON
Project Website

During my time as a engineering team lead at hydro project, I developed and designed a project website from the planning stage to production.

Technologies | July, 2014
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
Personal VCard

I decided to do my own clean and minimal vcard concept which should be different than others.

Technologies | January, 2017
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Custom Responsive Design