Tumur.B (Alex)
  • Android Developer
  • Hayward, CA

  Personal development through online resources.


Android Developer
April, 2016 - June, 2018 Hayward, CA, USA

  • Developed fully functional apps through their full life-cycle for multiple devices
  • Incorporated Android SDK, Material Design principals, and Web APIs.
  • Maintained clean and concise code through multiple rounds of testing and refactoring.
  • Utilized Github to successfully create an app from paper prototypes to full release of the app.
  • Experienced in debugging through fixing numerous bugs.
  • Used third-party libraries such as Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, Picasso, Espresso, etc.
  • Created and managed SQL and Firebase to store data.
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 RESUME ANDROID APP |  2017-06-10

Android SDK, Material Design, Firebase, OkHttp, Retrofit, Glide, Rest API, JSON...

 BLOG ANDROID APP |  2017-06-10

Android SDK, Material Design, Firebase, OkHttp, Retrofit, Glide, Rest API, JSON...

 PERSONAL WEBSITE |  2017-03-12

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript...

 PERSONAL VCARD |  2016-08-02

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript...

  A Government-funded project which conducted the feasibility studies.


Engineering Team Lead
November, 2013 - February, 2016 ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA

  • Managed a technical team of eight people; conducted numerous research, prepared project related documents with Tractebel Engineering during the Feasibility study, Loan financing and procurement phases
  • Coordinated the international consultants; managed relations with potential contractors from China
  • Assisted and contributed to the negotiation of a $1 billion Preferential Buyer's Credit General Loan Agreement between the government of Mongolia and China Export-Import Bank
  • Developed a project website; designed presentation and marketing material for potential investors
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 FEASIBILITY STUDY |  2014-06-25

Conducted Feasibility Study...

 PROJECT WEBSITE |  2014-01-10

HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, XML, Photoshop...


Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop...


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop...

 BLOOMBERG |  2015-03-23

Mongolia Seeks $828 Million From China for Largest Hydro Project...

 FORBES |  2017-04-07

In Russia, The World's Largest Lake Takes On The World Bank and Mongolian Power ...

  A mobile and digital product company which delivers entertaining, informative Android apps for small business


August, 2012 - November, 2013 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • Developed a fully functional local classified ads Android app
  • Designed and developed a T-Shirt designer’s portfolio Android app
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Android SDK, Java, XML, SQL, DroidUX components...

 TSHIRT ANDROID APP |  2012-07-01

Android SDK, Java, XML, SQL, DroidUX components...

  The largest mobile operator company in subscriber base in Mongolia.

 UNITEL Corporation

Business Solution Specialist
November, 2009 - August, 2012 ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA

  • Managed a project team; implemented Blackberry services with RIM, and Alcatel Lucent into the wireless network
  • Increased data service activation by over 30% and optimized data traffic of a wireless network by 5%
  • Developed technical understanding of Blackberry and mobile messaging products; resolved device and service issues
  • Delivered the training on Blackberry products to 300+ customers with little or no tech background
  • Trained all customer support representatives, managers, and trainers on Blackberry products and other technical issues
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News, Press & Articles  
 THE FINANCIAL |  2010-02-10

Unitel, Alcatel-Lucent and RIM launch the BlackBerry Solution in Mongolia...

 SEVEN BLOG |  2011-10-18

Mongolia Debuts Innovative Service with a Green Twist...

  Star Finanz is a leading provider of online and mobile multi-banking solutions in Germany.


Software Test Engineer
January, 2009 - February, 2009 Hamburg, Germany

  • Support of Quality Assurance Department
  • Implementation of manual and automated tests
  • Improvement and Optimization of software products
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  After I graduated from the University in October 2008, I tried to find a job there and was offered a job position as a Test Engineer at Star Finanz GmbH for online banking software. The contract was valid for one year in the beginning, and the company will renew the contract and retain me on a permanent basis if they satisfy my work. However, because of my salary offered is lower than the minimum required by the local labor union, my work permit request was denied. After my work permit application was rejected at the end of January 2009, my company tried to negotiate and fought for my case, but the immigration office denied my claim.

  The World’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles like Mercedes Benz.

 Daimler AG

March, 2007 - August, 2007 Stuttgart, Germany

  • Created, evaluated, and migrated over 100 reports into Daimler's Inbound Logistics Information System using IBM Cognos Report Studio
  • Analyzed and tested multiple OLAP evaluations using IBM Cognos Analysis Studio
  • Automated and implemented over 60 data quality reports using MS Access
  • Assisted and supported Date Warehouse's users using IBM Cognos Connection
  • Delivered multiple training for Data Warehouse's users for data exploration, managing, and viewing content using IBM Cognos Analytics
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